In these changing times with all public shows cancelled, Matt McGuinness brings the ethos and essence of his live theatre show We are what we overcome into your living room/dining room/kitchen (delete as appropriate).

With themes circling around the central issue of mental health, this interactive hour of original music, comedy and spoken word develops one of the stories from the show, setting it against the current life we all find ourselves leading.

Antony Gormley’s installation, Another Place, at Crosby Beach, Liverpool, was meant to be temporary: the artist knew it; the planners and politicians knew it too; but the public had a different idea.

Slow-forward on a decade or more, and these now-permanent 6’2’’statues remain set in the sand, overrun and revealed by the ebb and flow of the Mersey tides

They’ve aged, exposed to the elements, in ways that no one, including the artist, would have envisaged. They’re Washed, Weathered and Worn, but that’s fundamental to their current beauty. This change in circumstance, this curve-ball to the ‘what was intended’, has allowed each figure to become unique in a way that was never foreseen. Time alone has given each its own individuality. 

A live online show through Zoom with opportunities throughout for chat and check-in with each other.  Family-friendly, but content around mental health and associated issues may mean that it is advisable for 14+.