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Eastenders, Brexit and Football

EastEnders, Brexit and Football

Apparently Mental Health as a subject is a little out of place at a Comedy Festival. It’s just not funny. After all isn’t humour a way of escaping from that sort of thing? Depression and its like, that is.

I also got told the other week that talking about suffering from this sort of disorder isn’t suited to a music programme on local radio. That discussion felt particularly uncomfortable.

The Media Show

I heard on The Media Show on BBC Radio 4 that we talk too much about depression, that we jump too quickly to that label, that conclusion. That more of this conversation would lead to more diagnoses, with the implication being that these end conclusions would be wrong.

There’s a long way to go until Mental Health is discussed as an everyday topic, an off-the-cuff remark, a side note. Will we will ever consign the power of its silence to history?

Will it keep its stigma, like the Black Spot of pirate tales? Will the road travelled to potential impending doom always be worse that the potential outcome? Like society’s view on discussing cancer twenty plus years ago. Don’t mention it, you’re more likely to get it if you do. Avert your eyes, keep your tongue still, no matter what your thoughts.

It might just go away of its own accord.

It might, but it might not. Men in particular, and everyone in general, need to feel that problems with Mental Health are as much a part of gossip and banter, as who shot Phil Mitchell, ferry companies who don’t own ferries, and Liverpool winning the league, finally.

Going Nowhere

It needs to be running through the substance of a Comedy Festival, it needs to sit comfortably with all programming on local radio, and it needs to be accepted by guests on Radio 4 that although it’s not the point of everyday life, it’s a part of it. It’s going nowhere until we accept its place within everyday life. And, more importantly, within us.

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