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How to save your life

How to save your life It’s far too easy to be defined by Mental Health, to allow it to construct your day and for you to be seen through the moods that follows as a result.

By it's expression in your actual physical appearance and through the downright daily drudgery that this life can all but add up to.

And if poor Mental Health takes you as its victim, no matter you have otherwise achieved, it will be your final note, your defining feature if you like.

It can set out the limits of what you are or what can be achieved, it often can even shape the boundary in which you exist. When it comes to looking at the meaning of this life and the entirety of your existence within it, it can be the easiest way to describe your state of being.

The last word He suffered with Mental Health problems all his life, which implies he is no longer suffering, and not through cure or containment.

But as with many other things, the reverse can be true and obviously much more positive. Mental Health can be defined by the person. I have issues with poor Mental Health but I decide the boundaries, I impose the extent of how that defines me.

And when I am no longer suffering , and not through that specific type of cure, poor Mental Health will be a side note, because I contained its place in my world and the extent to which it shaped me. I used it as a benchmark to the rest of my time, my decisions and my outlook.

Many more years I lived for as long as my body would allow me, I took those years and relished every joy, every experience it had to offer, and I defined my place within it.

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