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No super heroes, not even just a hero

Joaquin Phoenix as “the Joker” - Spoiler alert

“There’s no point telling you (the punchline) you just won’t get it.”

Austerity, Mental Health, Rich/Poor divide, Bullying, the ugly side of capitalism, single parents, tragedy and murder.

There’s no super heroes, not even just a hero, only missed opportunities for redemption and individuals taking advantage of others bad fortune.

The retribution is empty and hollow, the baying crowds are as distant from empathy as the rich, and Joaquin as the joker is just another example of a wasted life that society places no value on.

I went with “Gotham’ in mind, that Netflix sugar coated torture fest, or the 60s Adam West take where Cesar Julio Romero played the Joker with camp flare and no one died, not even a bruise. But this was as real as you can get, sadness ensued, no one won, and the bright red theatrical lipstick was his own blood.

There was not really any good or bad guys, in the same way we find ourselves now in this country. The so called Bad guys are uncaring, lack empathy and think that the way to fix the less fortunate is to remake them in their own image. The Good guys vent their frustration with such unflinching self righteousness that they forget to look for the answer, indeed that’d get in the way of the anger and seem like surrender at best.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great film, one worth another viewing, but it’s more to do with where we as a society might end up if we carry on the way we are, if we follow our American cousins who are line strep ahead headed in the same direction. A future where protest signs held aloft read “eat the rich, where a number die and the rest of us aren’t appalled.

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