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The Comedian will see you now.

Two things are true this week

1. Getting out and involved in the “Arts” is good for you 2. Leicester Comedy Festival starts on Wednesday

We’ve always known the first.

They can write a new government report and recommend culture as a way to help your own state of Mental Health, but we know it’s always been true.

That going out, sharing in a communal event and expressing yourself will make you feel better is hardly a light bulb moment. It’s as obvious as the fact that obliterating the arts from the school curriculum isn’t going to give our children a balanced mind.

Leicester Comedy Festival

Leicester Comedy Festival rolls out its immense breadth of funny men and women this week.

It’s the biggest showcase in the country,

so take the opportunity, take some time out, risk a few pounds.

You might see something different - Something that may give you a different perspective something that’ll change your direction in life. That’ll banish your depression,

well maybe for a moment, that’d be good.

Something that will at least make you smile.

Take a step into the unknown

And if you’re feeling adventurous, avoid the obvious, the usual one man stand-up routines that is. Pick a show that looks a bit out there that may be rubbish but might be joyful perfection.

And then why not write to your local MP, Thank them tell them the government was right, Entertainment, Culture, the Arts saved you!

It’s really important after all.

And while you’re at it tell them to tell themselves.

More information:

Leicester Comedy Festival runs from Wed 6th Feb to Sun 24th Feb


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