Matt McGuinness 

Singer, Writer, Musician, Mental Health Activist

Matt's performed as a musician for over 30 years, releasing music consistently. His band, Matt McGuinness & the MLC, is the latest iteration of a passion for music that’s lasted a lifetime. 


A few years ago, Matt inadvertently began to write, record, and perform material based on his own mental health challenges, such as anxiety, panic attacks, lack of self-belief, parenting and more.  The subject matter seemed to immediately resonate with audiences, forming the seeds of the show We Are What We Overcome

Matt McGuinness
Matt McGuinness and the MLC



// keys / vocals


Musician, composer, positivity teacher


// bass


Bassist with an overtly understated exterior


// percussion


Spoons expert and all round percussion



// saxophone / tin whistle


Saxophonist and long-term collaborator of Matt's


// vocals / lead guitar


Song writer, musician, the reason behind the madness

We Are What We Overcome Logo 1

We Are What We Overcome started small but now has mass, momentum, and magic.


From Matt's first solo journey to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2018 to perform an unwritten, unrehearsed show, as a way to talk publicly about his breakdown to the brink of suicide, to the planning of a full band UK tour, this project has grown due to hard work, vision, and that all important funding.


Our thanks to Arts Council England, New Art Exchange, and not forgetting the wonderful Samaritans, means we are able to produce a regular podcast, whilst working on the book, show, album and much more besides. 

Join us on our journey as we tackle mental health in a way that really gets you talking. Sign up below and we shall see you in person very soon. Tickets for Edinburgh Fringe 2022 are on sale now...