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We Are What We Overcome - 

Album Review


4* Stars from RnR Magazine

"Matt McGuinness and the MLC are a versatile group of acoustic musicians and vocalists. A lot of roots and acoustic acts are duos and trios that can produce rewarding results within the confines of the line-up. We Are What We Overcome is a most welcome reminder that a larger sound has a magical power, and the big collective has a great aura.


The lyrical material is cleverly direct and insightful. The title track opens the record and has a memorable theme of endurance. The following ‘Thank You For The News’ has a superb lead vocal from McGuinness, and he renders his material with poignancy and a natural authority. There are several other well-written ballads – ‘Feels A Lot Like Love’ and ‘Everything Under The Moon’ for example – but he also demonstrates a rowdy feel on ‘Fee Fi Ho Hum’ with a stomping communal atmosphere in which he sounds equally at home.


The closing ‘40 Winks’ is especially moving. McGuinness’s writing possesses candour and elegance and every note rings out with honesty. We Are What We Overcome is a debut album that has a strong identity, tasteful arrangements and a distinctive singer. Put simply, it’s an excellent release."

David Robinson, Music Journalist for Rock n Reel Magazine

"I've got a rainbow personality"

Fee Fi Ho Hum, the first single from the album, has some wonderful words, check them out in our lyric video. 

"Matt McGuinness is a gifted songwriter with a voice and style reminiscent of Edwyn Collins." 

Andrew Eaton-Lewis, the Scotsman

"The title song “We Are What We Overcome” is a soulful upbeat and optimistic number that acts as a welcome indicator to a rise from rock bottom towards better times.

Some songs are emotional and poetic, others more rocky, upbeat and foot-tapping."

Jim Judges, Fringe Review

 Matt McGuinness and the MLC provide a fantastic soundtrack of original songs that move between poignant a cappella and upbeat rock n roll.

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