One man's journey to good mental health via a very bad idea.


Sometimes asking for help is hard, and turning a mental health crisis into a live music show, album, podcast, and now, a book, is much easier! Moderate success never felt so euphoric.


Nestling somewhere in the middle of Matt Haig and Charlie Mackesy, Matt McGuinness writes with passion and frankness.


Coming Spring 2023.

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And So To Edinburgh...

Rather than see a psychiatrist, Matt, a musician, with no theatrical experience, chooses to perform an unwritten show at the single greatest arts festival on the planet, the Edinburgh Fringe.

No such thing as a straight line...

Weaving stories of how he got to and came back from the brink of suicide, this is the path one man took from breakdown to talking publicly - there’s no such thing as a straight line.  


From Liverpool and Antony Gormley's naked torso, to a nightly, very public counselling session. It’s not recommended by the NHS.

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When does it start?

"Who knows when anything starts. There is no definite time or place when things take a turn. 

I suppose there rarely is anything so specific. 

Who knows when that line is crossed; when does a headache become a migraine, sadness becomes depression? When does a fleeting question become a statement of fact?"

Matt McGuinness