Saturday 13th November 

Foyle Studio, mac Birmingham 

Performing as part of the BEDLAM Arts and Mental Health Festival

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Matt McGuinness tells personal, difficult and eclectic stories, interjected with eight original songs, performed with the MLC band.  ​

From the early days of SatNav to Antony Gormley's “Another place” installation at Crosby beach, to a panic attack in a man-made cave run by the Scouts movement to an inappropriately named teddy, Matt explores stories which highlight the challenge of change, the voices in our heads and the peaks and (at times very deep) troughs of life.  

Nothing is left to implication or to whispers, Matt talks directly to the audience, on and off the stage, conjuring an atmosphere of openness and understanding.

Spit into two parts and moving between spoken word and music, space is allowed within the show for the audience to speak themselves. As Matt says, "If you’re going to create a space where you can open up, be prepared for honesty, hurt, empathy and emotions."

The songs themselves rise from a cappella voice to full-on sax, djembe and bass, with endearing and poignant spoon solos, haunting tin whistle melodies and all out 50s rock n roll. 


“Like a series of TED talks punctuated by poetic songs loaded with meaning and metaphor.” Nailed Magazine


The Show

Open to chat from 6pm

Show Starts 7.30pm

There will be a 20 minute interval

Age 14+ advised

WARNING: “Contains talk of mental health, depression, suicide, football, fairy tales, politics, Scouts and other stuff we’re not necessarily supposed to chat, sing or joke about. Feelings can go up as well as down, happiness is subject to status. By the end you may or may not own your own feelings. Possibly not suitable for under 14s. May contain flash saxophone or percussion solos. Standard UK Summer time applies for all shows. Occasionally participants make statements, which is most welcome. Matt may say some things that later turn out to be false or untrue, and may not necessarily reflect what he actually thinks. Offers come and go but we know in the end it’s only ever buy one get one. Terms and conditions apply but who actually reads them anyway.” 


“An evening of thoughtful, honest, conversation and great music. At times raw and emotional, at others, full of humour and an uplifting perspective. Heartfelt thoughts and moving lyrics. An incredible night of enlightenment and entertainment.”