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Our #MentalHealth Outreach

Wherever we go, we talk with people about #mentalhealth. This is the cornerstone of everything we do. We love the SAMARITANS and do our best to support their work where we can. Here is a snapshot of the outreach we have done.


If you have a #mentalhealth project, group, or event coming up, why not get in touch and see what we can do together? 


“We have a great relationship with Matt, and we support the fantastic work he is doing in mental health outreach. Having a show like Matt's to help raise awareness of our work is simply brilliant.”

Cate Hollinshead, Derby Samaritans Branch Director



“We Are What We Overcome is a positive message for male mental health and we are proud to be supporting Matt McGuinness during his Fringe Festival performances.”

Edinburgh Samaritans Director, Matt Hosgood



"Matt is such an inspiration. His music and message resonate with so many and he is able to make people really think about the lyrics he is singing. Many will relate to them in one way or another and it engages people to evaluate their own mental health in such a powerful way. We love inviting Matt to our events and want him to be a part of as many festivals and events as possible."

Ellie Marie Scott, Founder of The Georgia Bird Foundation &
Project Lead/Event Organiser of ThinkFes

ThinkFest 2022v4.jpg


"Matt McGuinness and the MLC performed at the BEDLAM Arts & Mental Health Festival.  The combination of conversation and song was ideal for our programme of events as we wanted something that was relatable, enjoyable and high quality.  Matt's friendly and funny approach to telling his story and the brilliant music made for a really enjoyable evening in what has been a challenging time for many.  The team supporting Matt were always responsive and helpful and went out of their way to support us in engaging audiences.  This is a highly recommended show from us!" BEDLAM Producer, Sabra Khan



Matt works tirelessly with local and national mental health collaboratives and projects to encourage, support and motivate men to talk about how they are feeling. If you have a project we could be part of, get in touch today

MH Collaborativev2.jpg


Our Mental Health Outreach takes many forms. If you have a ukulele group, a Men's Sheds meet-up, or you're turning a bar blue with Mentell, we are keen to know about how we can help to extend the conversation. Drop us a line on social media or email

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