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We Are What We Overcome is Matt's body of work towards his own mental health happiness and desire to share his experiences to help others.


Comprised of 4 distinct elements, there is something for everyone. Click on links below for more information.

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One man's journey to good mental health via a very bad idea. 

2018: rather than see a psychiatrist, Matt, a musician with no theatrical experience, chose to perform an unwritten show at the greatest arts festival on the planet, the Edinburgh Fringe. 

Today: Matt weaves tales of how he got to and came back from the brink of suicide. Moving between heartfelt stories, self-deprecating humour, and compelling original songs; this is the path Matt took from breakdown to talking publicly.  Tickets for 2022 shows including Edinburgh Fringe are on sale now...

A musician, an improviser, and a psychotherapist talk about mental health and wellbeing. A podcast for starting an essential conversation about mental health, particularly for men. Topics covered include: Anxiety // Suicide // Friends and Family // Grief and Loss.​

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Antony Gormley Crosby Beach

Who knows when anything starts. There is no definite time or place when things take a turn.  I suppose there rarely is anything so specific. 

Who knows when that line is crossed; when does a headache become a migraine, sadness becomes depression? When does a fleeting question become a statement of fact? More to come...

Original music performed by the multi-talented 5-piece band.  The songs rise from a cappella voice to full-on sax, djembe, and bass, with poignant spoon solos, haunting tin whistle melodies, and all out 50s rock-n-roll. Balladeering Indie Rock n Roll with a hint of Motown.

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